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Dª. Isabel Sanmartín

Title: Microevolution and macroevolution in plants: similar patterns, different processes and new advances for their integration

Scientific Researcher and Deputy Director of Scientific Communication and Culture at the Royal Botanical Garden-CSIC. Her research focuses on unravelling the evolutionary mechanisms that have generated patterns in biodiversity by combining genetic, genomic, paleoclimatic and fossil data with mathematical models to reconstruct the evolution of lineages at different time scales.

Abstract: The possibility of sequencing hundreds of specimens and genes in the plant genome has rapidly and inexpensively opened the door to the long-awaited integration of micro- and macroevolutionary processes in plant diversity studies. This molecular revolution has advanced in parallel with the exponential growth of bioinformatics and the development of new statistical and machine-learning methods, which allow the information contained in DNA to be analyzed at different evolutionary levels, from populations to species and large lineages. This conference will review these advances and demonstrate with examples how their integration enables us to explore the patterns and processes of biotic assemblages for the first time, from the extinction and adaptation of species to geological climate change, to population decline and expansion in recent times.

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